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Virtual Learning Center

The Virtual Learning Center, which serves students in grades 6-12, provides an opportunity to learn on an innovative platform using a guided-pacing curriculum. We use Canvas as the learning management system where our students receive daily instruction; they also interact with teachers on a set schedule. Daily attendance in online classes is required, as are participation and completion of daily assignments. The level of expectation and accountability resembles that of the traditional classroom, but all takes place online.  All state assessments will be in-person and every student is required to participate.

Among our students are those who:

  • Struggle with anxiety and focus better learning from home in their own environment. They attend regular Google Meets and enjoy Looping with their teachers.
  • Are professional performers and cannot attend a brick-and-mortar school. They do participate in regular meetings and school events as schedules allow.
  • Prefer to learn at their own pace for various reasons (they have a job, want to work on their own, etc.). They participate through Canvas and occasionally on Google Meets.
  • Are athletes who hope to attend and play at a Division I college or university. They find it easier to work in a smaller school environment with more flexible schedules. These students typically work out in the morning with their districted high school team and then join their teachers on Google Meets. 
  • Have been a victim of bullying and need to feel safe. The virtual environment gives them a chance to focus on their schoolwork without fear. 

Did You Know?

Our virtual students can participate in sports and other extracurricular activities at their home/districted school.

Virtual students follow the traditional FCPS instructional calendar


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